in 2013, Nine undergraduate science publicationS around the world CAME together to create THE International collegiate science journal.

We want to write exciting articles explaining why our brain forgets names of people we just met, why it rains diamonds on Saturn, and how we may be able to live for 200 years in the near future. Although the members of our team have diverse academic interests and backgrounds, we all share a common passion for making science more accessible for the public sphere. 

ICSJ is our opportunity to do just that. Though our print and online platforms, we publish articles about the cutting-edge of research and technology. We share editorials on long-form pieces on global issues, editorials on the latest innovations, features on undergraduate research, interviews with leading scientists, and much more. 


We interviewed our favorite professors at our universities, and asked them about the future of science. Check out some excerpts from the interviews to the left, and be on the look out for full interviews soon!

Got a question you'd like us to ask some of the best professors in the U.S.? Submit it here, and we'll ask them for you!

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